Become part of an innovative partnership to make malaria history

Our partnership is just the beginning

Bring your best to the fight against malaria. PATH and Tableau Foundation are recruiting corporations and corporate foundations to join the campaign.

Financial commitments are key ways to get involved
A meaningful financial commitment is a simple and powerful way to support. Your support will be used where the need is greatest and critical in making malaria history.

We ask each of our partners to consider making a multi-year commitment to ensure the continuity and availability of critical funds in order to make malaria history in Zambia by 2021.

Your core business assets can help make malaria history
In addition to financial support, select in kind contributions of products and services could make a huge difference. PATH’s Corporate Engagement team will help you to identify how your company can partner with PATH to maximize your impact in eliminating malaria.

The range of contributions our current technical partners bring to the project include helping us automate our workflow for data analytics, providing access to sophisticated mapping technologies, enhancing user experience through improved visualizations and dashboards, strengthening data quality, and advising us on new, innovative ways to harness the power of data visualizations.

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to the following technical partners for the time, resources, and expertise each of them has invested in the project:

Alteryx logo

Alteryx is the leading self-service data analytics platform. Alteryx provides analysts with the unique ability to easily prepare, blend, and analyze all of their data using a repeatable workflow and share analytics at scale for timely, deeper insights.

Mapbox logo

Mapbox is a mapping platform that offers full integration with Tableau’s visualization tools. Mapbox’s custom cartography, data tools, and live-updating base maps bring a new level of geo-insight into Tableau’s platform.

DigitalGlobe is the world’s leading provider of high-resolution Earth imagery, data and analysis. DigitalGlobe’s best-in-class technology, global coverage and 16-year time-lapse image library provide the most accurate, mission-critical information about our changing planet. Through Seeing a better world Program, DigitalGlobe’s data and technology have supported work across many sectors, including food and nutrition security, environmental sustainability, global health, human rights, and more.

DataBlick logo

DataBlick is a boutique consulting firm offering industry-recognized top talent to help Tableau and Alteryx users create clear, innovative, beautiful, and engaging dashboards on even the most complex datasets.

Exasol logo

EXASOL develops the world’s fastest in-memory analytic database that helps companies to analyze their data fast to derive business value that they can act on.  EXASOL helps organizations with their data challenges by offering an analytic database that performs, has an open framework and is easy to use.

Twilio logo

Twilio makes communications easy and powerful. With Twilio’s platform, businesses can make communications relevant and contextual by embedding real-time communication and authentication capabilities directly into their software applications.

Slalom logo

Slalom is a leading consulting firm that helps companies solve business problems and build for the future, with services spanning business advisory, customer experience, technology, and analytics.

Current technical volunteer projects

Join us in our fight against malaria by helping map buildings in Zambia!
Maps and geospatial data are playing a crucial role in this project in helping us visualize where resources are relative to incidence hot spots. Using iD editor, which allows anyone to edit OpenStreetMap, you can trace buildings in Zambia’s Southern Province. This level of detail will play a major role in helping Zambian community-health workers hunt down every last case of malaria and wipe it out once and for all. To learn more and start mapping, visit the project’s collaborative map.