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A partnership with PATH, the Tableau Foundation, and you can help make malaria history

PATH is an international health organization driving transformative innovation to save lives. Working in partnership with national governments, PATH is leading the way toward a malaria-free world by focusing on new vaccines, treatments, diagnostics, and approaches.

Tableau has partnered with PATH to provide vital software, training, and funding in support of Zambia’s goal of eliminating malaria by 2021. Our partnership will empower frontline health workers with the critical tools to track and treat malaria cases to help eliminate this deadly disease.

Together, we are improving data accuracy and making critical data-informed decisions about how and where to tackle outbreaks. We are also building the skills of district and facility health teams to combat the disease at community level. If successful, this model could be scaled globally to end malaria for good.

PATH and Tableau invite you to join us in helping Zambia achieve this historic goal by providing transformative financial or in-kind support. Together, we can help end malaria in our lifetime.

Eliminating malaria will:

  • Boost African economies
    The cost of malaria to African economies is huge, estimated at US$12 billion a year in direct costs. It consumes 25 percent of household income in high-burden areas due to lost productivity and health care–related expenses.
  • Free up scarce public health resources in developing countries
    Malaria accounts for 40 percent of public health spending in highly affected countries. In high-burden areas, the disease may account for up to 50 percent of hospital and clinic admissions, straining local health systems.
  • Strengthen education
    Malaria is responsible for up to half of preventable absenteeism in schoolchildren. Anemia caused by malaria interferes with children’s ability to learn, and 7 percent of children who survive cerebral malaria, a severe form of the disease, are left with permanent neurological problems.

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